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Bron Breakker is Jacked… About King of the Ring

Bron Breakker has been poised as a breakout star for two years now. Surprisingly, he was omitted from the 2024 King of the Ring tournament.

During the May 13 episode of Raw, Jackie Redmond questioned General Manager Adam Pearce about the notable exclusion of the recently drafted Bron Breakker from the King of the Ring tournament.

Pearce noted that the second-generation star certainly had potential but that the men on the Raw side of the bracket had earned their place.

Breakker then entered the shot and sternly let Pearce know that he would have dominated the competition.

Users on Twitter pointed out the flaws in this logic, seeing as Breakker, a two-time NXT champion, NXT tag champion, and Dusty Rhodes tag tournament winner, was deemed unworthy of competing in the “deep end” despite holding a singles victory over the presumed favorite Gunther. Breakker’s 424 collective days as NXT Champion only trail Finn Balor, who held the belt for 504 days across his two reigns.

Immediately after the segment, Lyra Valkyria competed in a quarter final in the women’s Queen of the Ring bracket. The former NXT Women’s Champion held the title for 164.

For comparison, Carmelo Hayes held the title for 182 days and Ilja Dragunov was NXT champion for 206 days. That said, both Hayes and Dragunov hold singles victories over Breakker.

Do you think Bron Breakker should have been entered into the tournament? What will the repurcussions be for his omission?

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